Monday, January 19, 2009

Would you like a Soul Pancake?

Rainn Wilson is starting a new website called Soul Pancake.  It's been a dream of his for a while to create a site where spirituality and creativity meet.  Part of that is aggregating content- the way MySpace or YouTube does- but just the stuff that brightens your day and makes you want to be a better human being- and not the stuff that weighs you down, the way eating too many Twinkies does.

The other part of that is creating content.  That's where a few trusted friends come in, who've been asked to create some content for the site.  So that's what I'm helping with.  For now, we're creating conversation starters, hearing from people as they answer some thought provoking questions.  It's like this site for example.

Anyway, that's what I did today.  But unfortunately, I was only able to interview 14 people- we got some lovely footage though...  We'll see how it turns out- I'll post it here and the link to the SoulPancake website...

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