Friday, May 8, 2009

The cracks are just breakthroughs waiting to happen...

I was talking to a friend of mine about the screenplay I'm working on.  He pointed out a possible weak point.  Instead of trying to justify the idea that's there, or contort the idea as it exists to meet the gap in logic, I went down the rabbit hole.

I asked myself, "well if this is where we go, how would we get there given these circumstances."
And I realized something- when I have been brave enough to manfully confront the weaknesses in my work, often those very points of weakness yield and alchemize before my eyes.  Suddenly, those points that were the red-headed step children I was trying to hide from the penetrating gaze of the audience become turning points.  They evolve from distracting details into revelatory windows that elevate the entire project...

And so, to my co-writer on HAPPY FUNERAL, i wrote this following note:

let us see:

the cracks
as breakthroughs
waiting to happen

the weaknesses
as points of strength
ready to emerge

the moments of confusion
as opportunities to bring clarity


it came as a revelation to me:

before: i saw cracks and holes to be filled with spackle-

now: i see walls to be torn down, for on the other side waits a new room, a new hall, a new something...

...something to astonish the world...

The funny thing is- it seems this insight is just as valid in life as it is in the process of creating art...  Don't you?

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